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Performance Improvement

C.T. Moffitt & Company has created many millions of dollars in added value for its clients. Confronted with turbulent economic conditions and foreign competition, the anguish of U.S. corporations in recent years could frequently be measured in declining revenues. American industry has learned how to trim costs and manage overheads, a fact confirmed by record productivity increases. Faced with profound change in many economic sectors, the larger challenge has been to maintain sales and gross margins.

For performing businesses, C.T. Moffitt & Company works with clients to refine strategy, but we also stick around to execute. Unlike other consulting firms with impressive financial credentials but limited operating experience, CTM&Co brings a wealth of industry know-how and an acutely creative approach to corporate strategy formulation, marketing strategy, sales force efficiency and effectiveness, business process redesign, benchmarking, balanced scorecard measurement systems, and new product development.

Real Estate Services

The value and viability of commercial real estate has been devastated in recent years, with little relief expected in the foreseeable future. Depressed property values and over-leveraged borrowers have exposed lenders to non-performing loans and to borrowers abandoning ownership obligations, further diminishing collateral value. C.T. Moffitt & Company has been providing turnaround, restructuring and workout services for over twenty years. Our Real Estate Services provide stakeholders the resources to respond immediately, decisively and effectively to threatening real estate related crises.

  • Court Reporting

  • Court appearances

  • Day-to-day operations

  • Constituency reporting & communications

  • Monetize assets

  • Distribute proceeds

Restructuring & Corporate Finance
  • Cash flow & viability analysis

  • Property & asset valuations

  • Creditor/debtor negotiations

  • Financial analysis

  • Optimize capital structure

  • Harmonize constituency rights & asset values

Property Management
  • Maintenance, landscaping & staffing

  • Rent collections & vendor payments

  • Property turnovers & tenant improvements

  • Landlord rights & evictions

Entitlements, Permits & Regulatory Compliance
  • Complete partially secured entitlements

  • Maximize entitlement values

  • New project entitlements & permitting

  • City ordinances & fire code compliance

Leasing and Sales
  • Pricing analysis

  • Supply/demand analysis

  • Coordinate brokers & agents

  • Marketing & collateral materials

  • Manage promotions &move-in specials

Account and Financial Reporting
  • General ledger accounting

  • Monthly rent roll

  • Cash flow analysis & reporting

  • Budget reporting & management (actual v.plan)

  • Identify & execute cost control

  • Tax planning and filing

Construction & Project Completion
  • Project schedule & budget oversight

  • Contractor negotiations & oversight

  • Interior design & architectural services

  • In-house painting, drywall, plumbing & electrical

Property Preservation & Rehabilitation
  • Property security

  • Debris removal

  • Lead, asbestos & mold remediation

  • City citation processing

  • REAP violation corrections

  • Emergency repairs

Turnaround Management

The skills required to turn around a faltering company are very different from those needed to manage it day-to-day. Inordinate degrees of patience, persistent diplomacy, and the skillful application of time-honored business principles with relentless discipline secures the cooperation of lenders, vendors, customers, board members and managements. Over twenty years in the turnaround arena, CTM&Co has helped steer countless troubled companies through tough times to successful outcomes. Balancing the demands of often-conflicting constituencies, we have helped businesses align revenues and overhead, rationalize product lines, untangle complex balance sheets, and arrange new equity or debt financing.

In those cases where Chapter 11 was inevitable, C.T. Moffitt & Company worked closely with management and other professionals to bring the process to a speedy and positive conclusion, providing assistance with pre-filing planning and preparation, post-filing compliance, asset disposition, and the performance of debtor-in-possession manager roles.

Interim Management

The principals of C.T. Moffitt & Company have acted as CEO, COO, or CFO in a number of middle market companies confronting issues of change. As a supplement to existing management, a substitute for departed executives, or as board members for a longer term, C.T Moffitt & Company is known for applying finely tuned management skills to the resolution of difficult problems. CTM&Co emphasizes results, not reports. And we help clients discover a clear path to breakthrough opportunities. Then we roll up our sleeves to get the job done, always with a collegial management style well suited to inspiring renewed confidence in the company's future.

"You not only saved my husband's company, you saved our marriage."

- Wife of a C.T. Moffitt & Company client

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